Build Your Successful Photography Business

With a Proven, Done-it-for-You Photography Business Model

Skip the guesswork and jump straight to building your photography business that generates income from day one with a proven, done-it-for-you business model.

Without doing your marketing, branding, pricing strategy, inventory, and training from scratch

1000+ Families Served
8 to 16 months Return on Investment
3 Studio Branches
95% Client Happiness Index

We're in the business of milestones and memorable photoshoot experiences

Cimmaroon Photography has been one of Central Luzon's leading photographers, delivering exceptional photography and videography services to clients from all over Luzon for five years now.

Our Cimmaroon Experience has made thousands of families, companies, and personalities enjoy an exceptional photoshoot experience thanks to our all-inclusive service, which includes:

  • Access to HMUAs, stylists, videographers
  • A selection of outfits right in our studio
  • Spacious studio space
  • Plenty of themes and props to suit any vision
  • Stunning print products to take home

As our franchisee, you can replicate the same exceptional experience for your clients without the hassle of market research or vendor searches.


But the privileges don't stop there!
Cimmaroon Photography
Brand Recognition Access to logo, slogan, the Cimmaroon Experience, and other USPs and branding materials of Cimmaroon Photography. Create branding guidelines and USPs independently.
Brand Power Leverage reputation, credibility, and trust associated with the Cimmaroon Photography brand. Must build brand power from scratch; investment of time and resources needed for brand development.
Investment Risk Lower investment risk with a proven business model and ongoing support from the franchisor Higher investment risk with business setup and operations
Marketing Support Marketing training and support provided, incl. advertising campaigns, promotional materials, and marketing strategies Self-development and execution of their marketing initiatives
Technical Support Free hands-on training on various technical aspects of photography, including photoshoot techniques, equipment handling, newborn handling, and customer service Reliance on free online tutorials or paid training courses for photography skills and development
System and Workflow Organization Access to standardized systems, workflows, and operation procedures of the photography studio business Create and implement systems independently, with constant need for refinement
Economies of Scale Benefit from economies of scale, including bulk purchasing discounts, shared resources Potentially higher costs for equipment, supplies, and services
Growth and Networking Opportunities Access to community and collaboration with Artisans and other franchisees Individual effort needed to build connections and network
Diversified Market Access to diverse market segments and revenue streams, including weddings, portraits, events, and commercial projects Self-discovery and trial of opportunities for business growth and expansion

Is franchising with Cimmaroon Photography the RIGHT opportunity for you?

We are thrilled to have you join the Cimmaroon family, but above all, we want to ensure you get the most out of your investment. This franchise opportunity is for those who want to...


Pursue their passion for photography, marketing, and business


Scale their business rapidly without starting from scratch


Tap into a proven photography business model to accelerate success and profitability


Expand their portfolio and capitalize on the booming demand for professional photography services in their local market


Utilize their business and marketing knowledge to maximize the potential of a well-established franchise system


Build a legacy business that offers not only financial rewards but also a meaningful impact on clients' lives through memorable photography experiences

So, from here on out, you've got two options.

You can start your photography business from scratch or choose the smarter option.

Book your 1-on-1 call with us and discover how you can own a photography studio business!

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept interested Franchisees - may or may not have an experience in managing the similar business, as long as you have the capability and willingness to learn the specifics (system operation, marketing) of business.

Every franchise applicant should be financially ready to support the entire franchise costs. Ideally, it includes the franchise fee, set-up costs, initial inventory, and rentals to start the franchise operation. We will provide you a detailed breakdown of expenses once the franchise application is approved.

Each Franchisee is responsible in securing his/her own location. The site chosen should be submitted to the Franchisor for evaluation a n d approval. It is highly suggested to secure a location near malls, or any accessible location with parking spaces.

As a Franchisee, you are required to purchase equipment and tools from Cimmaroon Photography Head Office, or authorized suppliers. We will provide you with a Procurement Program to guide you upon purchasing the supplies, tools, and equipment needed for the actual operation.

Book your 1-on-1 call with us and discover how you can own a photography studio business!

We're Rachel and Jayson!

We are the duo behind Cimmaroon Photography, one of the largest photography studios in Pampanga. We've been photographing and filming special milestones for clients and families all over Luzon for five years now (and counting!).

Our mission is to empower aspiring photographers and entrepreneurs to explore their passion for storytelling and photography while building a successful photography business.

We want to help you create a photography studio business that gets consistent bookings and ultimately become the next success story in the industry.