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Welcome to Cimmaroon Photography, where memories come to life! Our mission is simple: to provide quality and affordable photography and videography services that touch hearts and create everlasting memories. Every milestone, big or small, deserves to be celebrated and cherished.

From newborns to graduations, weddings to product launches, we're there to capture the magic, the genuine smiles, and the beauty of each moment. With a team of skilled photographers, videographers, and creatives, we pour our heart and soul into every frame, ensuring that your story is told with artistry and authenticity.

It all started with a simple home studio and a shared love of capturing life's precious moments. Armed with his camera, Jayson and Rachel, the ever-supportive business manager and studio assistant, embarked on a journey to make milestones memorable for families like yours.

Over the years, we've met countless families and been a part of their special moments. From birthdays to graduations, weddings to family reunions, we've laughed, cried, and celebrated alongside everyone. We've collaborated with talented professionals and personalities along the way, building the vibrant and ever-growing Cimmaroon Family.

As we grow, our vision remains clear. We aim to be one of the ultimate providers of premium photography and videography services in the Philippines. To deliver beautiful images and an experience that fills your heart with joy and nostalgia.

So join us, and let's create a tapestry of beautiful moments that will be cherished for generations to come!

Our Vision and Approach to Photography

At Cimmaroon Photography, we're not just about capturing images; it's about creating an experience that reflects your unique story and brings out your best.

When you choose us, we don't just snap photos. We work with you to understand your vision, themes, and preferences. We aim to make you feel confident, comfortable, and at ease during your photoshoot. When you enjoy your session without worrying, it naturally shows in the results.

During your shoot, we'll be right there with you, guiding you every step of the way. We'll teach you how to pose, showcase your happiest smiles, and capture those authentic moments that reflect your personality.

When photographing babies, we embrace their energetic and playful nature. We know their most natural smiles come from moments of joy and excitement, and we're there to capture every giggle and charming expression.

Because here at Cimmaroon Photography, it's not just about the pictures; it's about the experience.

Cimmaroon Photography: On Spotlight

Through the years, we've worked hard to help families make their milestones memorable. We're honored and humbled to have our work and our mission recognized online and in different media platforms:

Modern Parenting Where in Pampanga Ganap Magazine Nuance Magazine

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