wedding motif color in 2023

6 Trendy Wedding Motif Color in 2023 You Need to Know

Choosing the right wedding motif color is the secret to bringing the magic of your love story to your wedding day. Everything from your dress to your invitations to your table napkins and bridal accessories can be brought to life with the perfect wedding motif color palette!

If you’re planning a wedding in 2023, here are six wedding motif color you should consider for your wedding aesthetic and vision.

1. Best wedding motif color of 2023: Emerald green

Emerald green  best wedding motif color 2023

You can never go wrong with a classic emerald green wedding motif paired with gold if you’re aiming for a luxury-meets-romance vibe for your wedding. While both colors symbolize wealth and sophistication, the two colors perfectly contrast each other, with emerald green going for a darker mood and gold for a brighter tone.

For weddings set during the -ber months, the emerald green and dusty blue duo is a gorgeous combination. The dusty blue softens the deeply-dark tone of the emerald green and provides an ideal balance of colors for your special day.

And if you want your wedding decor to pop, you can pair your emerald green with wine red or burgundy. 

2. Dusty rose

Dusty rose light wedding motif color 2023

If you’re looking for a light color wedding motif that’s in trend for 2023, you’ll be saying I do to Dusty Rose. You can never go wrong with any shade of pink for a wedding because they’re the ultimate shade of love and romance. 

While dusty rose alone is a striking color, this shade also works well when combined in a wedding motif color palette. It also complements every skin tone, so if you want to rock a dusty rose wedding dress on your special day, go for it. 

The classic dusty-rose-champagne-gold combination screams romance in a vintage setting. But if you want something that exudes calm and serenity, sage blue will also work well with dusty rose.

3. Neutral beige

Emerald green neutral wedding motif color 2023

Neutral and nude colors were once considered accent colors but are now dominating the list of top wedding motif colors. Nude colors like neutral beige are becoming popular today because of their flexibility to blend with almost any color of your choice. 

You can pair it with ANY shades you want to spruce up your wedding if you think neutral beige alone is a lonely choice. 

Romantic tone? Pair it with blush pink and grey. 

Moody vibe for your autumn-inspired wedding? Dark red and neutral beige have got your back. 

You can also opt for neutral beige and forest green if you want a nature-inspired motif with a hint of elegance instead of emerald green and gold.

4. Rust and terracotta: earth-tone wedding motif color

rust and terracotta earth tone wedding motif 2023

Do a quick search for a wedding motif on Pinterest, and you’ll see the rust + terracotta combination dominating the results. These burn orange tones are predicted to become the trendsetters for wedding motif in 2023!

If you want something that screams art deco as a wedding motif color, you’ll love the rust and terracotta combination. They’re the best color motif for a bohemian-themed ceremony or outdoor wedding. Pair it with some greenery and hanging lights for your decor to complete the rustic bohemian look!

5. Lilac

Lilac pastel wedding motif 2023

Can’t complete this list without some pastels. Those who love purple shades will be delighted to know that lilac will take the cake for the best pastel colors wedding motif in 2023.

Just like dusty rose, lilac can complement any skin tone. Whether you’re a morena or a mestiza, you can don a lilac shade for your wedding outfit without a hitch.

Lilac is also suitable for recreating a simple, romantic look for your decorations. Complement it with pale grey, a neutral color like ivory, or natural green, and everyone at your wedding will be basking in the romance of your wedding.

6. Baby blue

Baby blue beach wedding motif 2023

The call of the sea remains strong in 2023 as the classic light blue continues to become a wedding motif staple. This beach wedding color motif is perfect for a light, serene vibe for your wedding day. Imagine a beach wedding or a vintage summer ceremony adorned in flowing shades of blue. 

Your wedding motif color palette will still stand out regardless of whether you pair neutral beige with something light like sunflower yellow, something dark like plum, or something contrasting like burgundy or coral red.

Baby blue is also available everywhere – light blue dresses, light blue flowers, light blue backdrops, light blue table napkins, wedding invitation in blue motif, and more. 

What’s the color of your 2023 wedding?

Colors can make or break a wedding. Therefore, choose a wedding motif color that stays true to your love story while complementing your wedding location, season, and theme.

This 2023, neutrals, pastels, earth tones, and classics are expected to dominate the wedding scenes. Whether you’re planning a wedding of grandeur or a ceremony of minimalism, these trending wedding motif for 2023 will give you a wide array of choices for your ceremony.