The Power of Memories: Why Photo Albums and Wall Arts Will Always Be Relevant Through Time

In this world where everything is but a quick reflection fading into the parallel timeline of its existence, two heroes still fight to keep our memories and our identities alive and kicking. Today, we pay homage to the unsung champions of our life stories: photo albums and wall arts.

We all have those feel-good stories involving photo albums or wall arts. Those special bonding moments when we’re all curled up around grandma or mom, as she browses the family album and shares the beautiful and funny tales of the memories preserved in those photos. Nostalgia hits you right in the heart as you remember how you’ve cried so hard in your baby pictures or the mischiefs you and your cousins or siblings have done during your young and innocent days.

In this world where the stories of our past remind us of the beauty of the present, we always run to the best curator of memories in our lives – photos. Back in the days when smartphones we’re still our greatest fantasy, we’d always run to our photo albums and picture frames that hold the tales of our lives together. Grandma or mom will start browsing the photos, start a couple of storytelling, and before you know it,  you’re all immersed with the funny anecdotes of your childhood and the soul-stirring tales of your family tree.

We can list all the kinds of stories and memories we’ve had involving these beautiful memorabilia, but one thing’s for sure: they’ve become the bridges for the familial bonds we’ve built and the stories we’ve stored in our hearts and souls. 

That’s something that smartphones and any other technology can never beat.

Because let’s face it. As time passed and our definition of normal had transformed tremendously, everyone pictures Facebook, Instagram, or their Gallery app as their ideal place to reminisce on memories through photos.

At first glance, these quick trip down to memory lane with our smartphones may seem practical and convenient. But you have to admit – the magic of reminiscing and the nostalgia you crave are lost within the pixels of your screen. 

Our world is compacted into this small device that whenever something pops up- a  social media notif or a new email received – we lose interest in our photos and our attention jumps to something else.

With a photo album or wall art, you’re unconsciously giving your full attention to the memories playing in every photo. These memorabilia were born for the sole purpose of reminding us of the stories we’ve crafted through time, both by ourselves and with the people we cherish. They’re the physical embodiment of our memories, a way we can hold our memories through our hands and be taken back to the glory of it all.

Technology can never match the immortal warmth of the life behind every photo. With your beloved phone or laptop, the only thing your hands get to feel is the cold, emotionless screen or your lifeless mouse as you scroll from photo to photo. It’s like a painter desperately trying to find his muse from a blank canvas or wall. 

Now, when we see and bask in the glory of our photos in their physical forms, the emotions and stories come flooding in an instant. Like the same satisfaction we crave when we choose books over our Kindle readers or ebook readers on our phones. Or when you decide to give your cassette tapes or vinyl a spin instead of visiting Spotify for the hundredth time.

In fact, we think it’s safe to say that photo albums and wall arts are the closest we can get to time travel machines for now. They may not literally warp you and take you to that time you were still in diapers while you smile adoringly to your parents, but at least we can in hearts and minds.

Things may come and go in this life, but photographs are here to stay. If you want your stories to live for as long as tales go, build a long-lasting home for your memories. 

In these times when we’re all in need of even a small pint of happiness, do yourself a favor and get a photo album or wall art for your home. When things become confusing or too unbearable someday, you’ll be thankful you have your collection of visual stories to ponder upon.