15 Best-Kept Secret Photoshoot Locations in Pampanga

When it comes to the most scenic photoshoot locations in the Philippines, it’s always a debate between Tagaytay, Boracay, Batangas, or Manila. But if you’re looking for something different and something remotely close to a hidden gem, we’ve got an excellent suggestion for you: your photoshoot in Pampanga.

From picturesque beaches to charming historical landmarks, check out this ultimate list of the hottest photoshoot locations in Pampanga!

Free locations

Sacobia Bridge

Mabalacat, Pampanga

Despite being a new addition to the area, the Sacobia Bridge in Mabalacat has become one of the most iconic photoshoot locations in Pampanga.

Its stunning design and strategic location are probably two reasons why this bridge spanning the Sacobia river has become the talk of photography town.

 Its sleek and modern appearance, plus those crisscrossed steel in shades of orange, gives a refreshing change for whatever outdoor shoot you have in mind. 

If you time your photoshoot right, you can even get the most gorgeous view of the sunset.

Bicentennial Park

Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

It’s hard to imagine a better place to hold your photoshoot than the Bicentennial Park in Clark, Pampanga, with lush greenery, towering trees, the most gorgeous flowers, and even a playground for some fun.

It’s one of the top photoshoot places in Pampanga because of its view, ambiance, and free photoshoot real estate. You can do your photoshoot in the park in whatever season you prefer. The early summer season is the most picturesque time to shoot here when the sun casts its magical radiance between the trees.

Clark Airbase Abandoned Hospital

Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Whether you want to aim for an eerie or an out-of-this-world, throwback feel, you’ll have plenty of prime spots to shoot in this abandoned hospital. The area surrounding the hospital is covered in trees and lush greenery that you could take advantage of for a nature-inspired photoshoot. 

Just look at this prenup photoshoot we did at the hospital. You wouldn’t think there’s an abandoned hospital just around the corner with memories of the second world war. Talk about thrilling, huh?

Clark Parade Grounds

Mabalacat, Pampanga

Once the home turf for soldiers of the US Cavalry, Clark Parade Grounds is now an open-field park offering picnics, family activities, and photo shoots. You can find it inside Clark Base’s premises.

The Clark Grounds can make for an ideal location for your shoot if you’re looking for a picturesque park. It has lush green grass, towering trees, a good view of some modern civilization in the background, and scenic walkways.

Plus, the entrance is free, so you can bring cameras, outfits, and props and shoot to your heart’s content.

Clark Gateway Open Field

Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Enjoy the perfect blend of modern and natural beauty at Clark Gateway Open Field. This metro community is a favorite among photographers from all over the country for its stunning open-ground area and picturesque complex of buildings that together resembles an American metropolis.

Despite the abundance of towering buildings, the open grounds of Clark Gateway offer a breathtaking view of the sky and the surrounding nature. Just imagine those heartwarming commercials of families playing and having fun in a vast open field – that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

To give you a better idea, here’s a beautiful family photoshoot we did at Clark Gateway in 2021. 

And a special milestone photoshoot of our little motocross racer, Jayson Natan.

The best thing about this location is that you don’t need to pay any fees to have your photoshoot here. So if this community sounds like your vision of a photoshoot setting, go ahead and plan your shoot here.

Paid locations

The Lakeshore, Pampanga

Mexico, Pampanga

Ask any Pampanga photographer about the best photoshoot destinations in Pampanga, and you’ll likely hear about The Lakeshore a few times. That’s because it’s a popular destination for those who want to incorporate the location’s serene and natural setting, courtesy of its lush greenery and scenic view of the lake.

It’s a popular entry on the list of prenup and predebut photoshoot locations in Pampanga. You cannot do a photoshoot here without getting a shot with the infamous lighthouse as your backdrop. 

They offer different packages if you’re planning a photoshoot on the community’s premises. You can visit The Lakeshore’s website if you’re interested in doing your photoshoot here. 

Clearwater Resort and Country Club

Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Clearwater Resort is another household name in the photoshoot destination game in Pampanga. The resort features a tranquil lake with clear water, tall trees, and a relaxed ambiance, providing the perfect setting for garden or nature-themed photoshoots.

They even have boats you can use to explore the waters for your photos or STD videos. And don’t forget about the cozy little log cabin by the lake! It’s such a romantic spot for a couple’s prenup photo session!

Take a look at these photos we took during our prenup material photoshoot, and we’ll bet you’re already envisioning a drone shot in your storyboard or list of shots.

For more photos of the resort’s premises and details of their photoshoot rates, you can head over to Clearwater Resort and Country Club’s website.

Prado Farms

Lubao, Pampanga

This picturesque farm boasts a field of greenery and a spectrum of flowers, but what really sets it apart is the Philippine colonial architecture infused in the buildings that make up the farm. It’s the perfect place to do a rustic, traditional, or nature-themed photoshoot, especially for prenups. 

Photo credits: Prado Farms via Agoda

The Guagua Mansion

Guagua, Pampanga

Have your Maria-Clara-and-Ibarra moment and pay homage to the Filipino aristocrats of yesterday at The Guagua Mansion!

The mansion is full of picture-perfect spots, but the grand staircase is a real crowd-pleaser! It’s been the backdrop for many photoshoots, and it’s easy to see why.

We’re also huge fans of the balconies on the second floor with the capiz windows in the background. You shouldn’t miss a shot in those balconies, especially at night, when the atmosphere and lighting scream nocturnal drama.

You may visit The Guagua Mansion’s Facebook page to learn more about their photoshoot rates and view the photoshoots taken there for some inspiration.

Puning Hot Spring and Spa

Angeles, Pampanga

Looking for a photoshoot that’s a bit more exciting and adventurous? Then you’ll definitely want to check out Puning Hot Spring and Spa.

The premises of the resort was born from the lahar of Mt. Pinatubo when it made its historical eruption in 1991. The owner developed the resort in the area, housing eight hot springs and one cold spring. 

But what makes it a top choice for photoshoot locations in Pampanga is the towering cliffs, trees, and greenery that would make you feel like you’re somewhere on Middle Earth.

You can use the cliffs as your backdrops or kick it up a notch and rent a 4×4 and traverse around the area surrounded by hardened lahar.

You can visit Puning Hot Spring and Spa’s Facebook page to inquire about their rates for photoshoots in the resort.

Gazebo View Park

Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Baguio in Clark. That’s how Kapampangans and other tourists would describe Gazebo View Park. Located in Clark, Pampanga, the park boasts the best panoramic view of Mt. Arayat, Clark, and other nearby cities and towns. Plus a serene ambiance surrounded by towering pine trees and different shades of flowers that fits any outdoor photoshoot.

Their white gazebo is one spot you shouldn’t miss, with the most breathtaking panoramic view of the city and a charming pathway that’s especially romantic at night.

Go check out Gazebo View Park’s Facebook page and see how much beauty this park has to offer.

Manabat Farm

Magalang, Pampanga

If you’re planning an intimate photoshoot with a small crew, Manabat’s Farm is the perfect location for you.

It’s a modern garden sanctuary filled with serenity and the most greenery you can ever fit in a small space. 

It’s not just the garden look that sells them as a prime photoshoot location in Pampanga. Every section of the resort provides a scenic backdrop for photos, especially the bridge over their lake. And don’t even get us started on the gazebo, the huts, and their villas!

If you’re looking for a promising, quiet place to do your outdoor photoshoot in Pampanga, go check out Manabat’s Farm’s Facebook page!

El Kabayo 

Clark, Pampanga

The West goes to Pampanga in this little Western-inspired town of El Kabayo, located in Clark, Pampanga. As you set foot in town, you’ll see that it’s like straight out of a cowboy town from a Clint Eastwood film.

The town even has its miniature version of a western town’s necessities – a saloon, a bank, a telegraph office, a general store, a jailhouse, and a mini hotel. 

Every corner of this little town is prime real estate for a Cowboy-themed photoshoot. They even have horses you can borrow for the shoot! It also has a spacious field where you can roll around for your photoshoot or take the horse for a walk.

Check out El Kabayo’s Western-inspired website to learn more about what this Western town has to offer for your photoshoot! 

Gintung Pakpak Eco-park

Arayat, Pampanga

Gintung Pakpak Eco-Park is the place that takes you into a different world, filled with nothing but relaxation and the best view of nature you could ever enjoy. For one, there’s a jungle and a huge lake nearby, surrounded by the greenest fields you could lay your eyes on. You also get a good view of Mt. Arayat.

The park has a Bali-inspired theme that makes you feel like you’ve traveled in Bali, Indonesia. Left and right, there are scenic spots that would make for great backdrops for your photoshoot or film.

Head over to Gintung Pakpak Ecopark’s Facebook page and see why it’s the perfect destination for your Pampanga photoshoot.

Cimmaroon Studios

Brgy. Telebastagan (Border of San Fernando and Angeles, Pampanga)

Thinking of an indoor photoshoot? Cimmaroon Studios has got you covered! At 160 sqm., it’s one of the largest studios in Pampanga, perfect for accommodating backdrops, props, makeup and wardrobe, and camera and lighting equipment. 

Plus, you have WiFi, access to the VIP lounge, and complimentary coffee and snack bar services.

Those who book a prenup session or a pre-debut package with us get full access to our studio. But you can also opt to rent the studio instead at an affordable rate. 

For your next photoshoot, go Pampanga!

Pampanga has plenty of photoshoot locations in its vicinity, ranging from natural landscapes to places straight out of a fantasy world. It’s also an hour’s drive from the metro and has the best culinary and accommodation selections in the north.

So when planning your session, go ahead and envision Pampanga as your next photoshoot destination!

Or better yet, let us know what kind of photoshoot you have in mind, and we’ll help you make it happen. We can also recommend the best destination to go to with your photoshoot! Just shoot us a message at Cimmaroon Photography to get started!