Here’s the Truth About These 9 Newborn Photography Myths

For almost four years of doing newborn photography, we have seen many parents miss out on this amazing opportunity because of misunderstandings. Like how it’s a waste of time and money, or it’s just a way to seek attention on social media.

So today, we’re here to set the record straight and assure you that those misconceptions are wrong assumptions. Join us as we debunk the most common newborn photography myths and misconceptions and discover how a newborn session is one of the best things you can do to enjoy and celebrate the little one in your life!

1. Camera flashes are dangerous to newborns.

Contrary to popular belief, camera flashes are not harmful to newborns. 

As ophthalmologist Dr. Jeffrey Levenson states, “It’s clear that flash cameras don’t damage babies’ eyes. If they did, we’d have an entire generation of blind babies, and of course, we don’t. So, flash cameras are perfectly safe for babies.”

At Cimmaroon Photography, we try to stick to natural or continuous light. Continuous lighting is exactly that – lights that are always on. It differs from strobe lighting, which flashes on and off. Whenever we need to use flash, we do not use them at max power or direct them at the newborn.

If you have concerns about health and safety, be sure to ask the photographer about their protocols before booking a session.

2. A newborn photoshoot is too expensive

Newborn photography is often seen as an unnecessary expense, but it’s really about capturing the priceless moments of your baby’s early days.

Think of it like traveling. Sure, you spend money on transportation, food, and activities, but you also gain experiences, memories, and photos to look back on. A newborn photoshoot is similar – you capture the priceless moments of your baby’s early days, create lifelong memories, and have beautiful photos to share with your loved ones.

Professional newborn photographers have the expertise, equipment, and skills to create high-quality photos you’ll love. Unlike other photography types, newborn sessions require patience and attention to ensure the baby’s safety and comfort.

You don’t have to break the bank for a newborn session. There are affordable newborn photoshoot packages available that fit any budget. What matters most is finding a package that meets your needs and ensures the best quality of service.

3. I can just take newborn photos at home

You can always snap a quick photo of your newborn with your smartphone, but that’s not the same as a professional newborn photo. Newborn photography is an art that requires experience, skill, and a deep understanding of how to capture your baby’s unique essence.

Professional photographers are also trained to handle newborns safely and ensure they are comfortable during the shoot. For example, the froggy pose, one of the most popular newborn poses, may look easy, but it’s actually delicate and requires expertise to execute safely.

The froggy pose involves turning the baby’s head to one side while propping up their chin with their hands. And if not done correctly, this pose can strain the baby’s neck and spine, which can be dangerous.

We take every precaution to ensure the baby’s safety and comfort during the photoshoot. We have a trained newborn specialist to help support the baby’s head and neck, and we execute poses with the utmost caution.

The thought of committing to a year-round photoshoot of your little ones may seem overwhelming. Or maybe, you’re considering DIY-ing your newborn’s milestone sessions with those Pinterest ideas.

But let us tell you – booking a professional newborn session for at least one milestone is crucial. You’ll have a keepsake of a moment in time that you can never get back, and you and your family will cherish it for years.

4. My baby won’t cooperate for the photos

Don’t worry if your baby is uncooperative during the photoshoot – it’s normal! 

Each baby is unique. Some will be easier to pose than others. That’s why we always take the time to make them comfortable and work with them in their natural positions. If needed, we take breaks to help the baby settle down. 

Newborn sessions are a team effort. As photographers, we work with parents to ensure their baby is as comfortable as possible. As parents, you can help by making sure their baby is well-fed and has had enough sleep before the shoot.

5. Newborn photography is unsafe

We’ve had clients from the medical field, ranging from doctors to nurses, and they’ve shared that having a newborn session won’t pose any risks to a baby. We even consulted a pediatrician before about doing newborn sessions, and she assured us that it was totally safe.

As long as the photographer handling your baby is a professional at newborn sessions, you can rest easy knowing your little one is safe. Professional newborn photographers like us are trained to handle newborns safely, and we’re well-versed in creative poses that are safe for the baby.

In addition to using techniques to pose babies safely and providing a pacifier or toys to keep them entertained, photographers may also have a newborn specialist on standby and use soft blankets to ensure the baby’s comfort.

Our newborn specialists undergo weeks of training to learn how to handle a newborn properly during our photoshoots. It can even take months before they’re allowed to work alone with babies.

Our newborn specialist, Mabel, in action during one of our newborn sessions

At our studio, we take the health and safety of our clients, especially newborns, very seriously. We have air conditioning to keep the baby cool and comfortable, and we sanitize our studio, props, and equipment after every session. All our props are non-toxic and baby-safe, and we also have a separate area for feeding and comforting the baby.

6. You have to schedule the session within their first week or it’s too late

Newborn sessions should be scheduled within the first two weeks, but babies can still be posed after that time. As photographers, we love capturing the unique personalities of newborns, even if they’re older than two weeks.

If you’re unsure when to schedule your session, don’t hesitate to ask your photographer. They can guide you in deciding the best time for a newborn session based on your needs and the baby’s development.

The important thing is to capture those special early memories, and we can do that at any time during the baby’s first few months.

7. Newborn photography is only for attention-seekers on social media

One misconception about newborn photography that we find frustrating is the assumption that parents only do it for social media attention. While it’s true that some parents enjoy sharing their photos online, that’s not the only reason why people do it.

For many parents, a newborn photoshoot is a way to capture precious memories and create a tangible reminder of this special time in their lives. It’s an opportunity to bond with their newborn and create an unforgettable experience. Some even opt for printed memorabilia like wall art or photo albums to commemorate this milestone.

Besides, not all parents choose to share their photos online. Many keep them private for personal reasons or as a family keepsake. So, saying that newborn photography is solely for attention-seekers on social media is not true.

8. I’m so busy that I don’t have time for a newborn shoot anymore

As a new parent, adding a newborn photoshoot to your already busy schedule seems impossible. However, many photographers offer flexible scheduling options. In fact, most sessions are only a few hours long. You can also schedule the session around your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule for their comfort. 

You can count on your professional newborn photographer to work efficiently to maximize your session hours. Other photographers also offer packages that include digital files or prints, saving you the hassle of sorting and printing the photos yourself.

9. Newborn photography is for first-time parents only

Newborn photography is important for all parents, regardless of whether you’re a first-time parent or experienced with multiple children. Each baby is unique and deserves to have their special moments captured in photographs.

So don’t let the myth that newborn photography is only for first-time parents stop you from preserving those precious memories you’ll cherish forever.

Capture precious memories of your little one with a newborn session

As a newborn photographer, I’ve heard many myths about newborn photography that can make parents hesitant to book a session. But don’t let these misconceptions stop you from capturing those precious first moments in your baby’s life.

Newborn photography is not just about taking cute photos. It’s about preserving memories that will become more valuable as time passes. 

So, reach out to us today and let us help you create timeless and beautiful photographs of your little one that you’ll cherish forever!