5 Practical Tips When Hiring a Debut Photographer

A special milestone such as debuts deserves to be treasured forever. The best way to do that is to hire the best debut photographer! 

From preparation until the actual celebration, you can count on your events photographer to make your debut celebration a memory worth remembering for years to come.

For your debut, you’ll want to hire a photographer and videographer with experience covering events and capturing all the best moments. Here are five things to remember when choosing the right event photographer for your debut celebration.

1. Set a budget and theme for your debut

Before you shop around for an event photographer and videographer, determine first your budget for hiring an event coverage service and your theme for your predebut session. 

You should also decide on the theme you want for your pre-debut photoshoot. This is also crucial since it will determine the details of your shoot, including your location and wardrobe. 

Here are some of our highly-requested predebut themes to give you an idea: 


2. Decide on the extent of coverage you want. 

Do you want to hire a photographer, videographer, or both? Hiring a photographer only is cheaper. But hey, you only turn eighteen once, so why not go on a roll and hire a videographer too? They’re more vivid and heartfelt than static photographs.

Next, do you want a pre-debut session or just event coverage? Usually, debutantes opt for a predebut session so so they’ll have photos for a montage during the party. You can also do a Save the Date video, which serves as a debut announcement and invitation in one.

For the coverage of the actual debut, you’ve got two options:

  • Full documentation – coverage of the entire party; costs an additional fee
  • Highlights – what videographers usually provide

You can hire different teams to handle your predebut session and debut coverage. However, you’ll save a lot more when you avail a package from a photography service that covers both. 

3. Create a timeline of your pre-debut preparation.

First, set a date for your photo shoot, at least 1 -2 months before the debut. Photo editing may take up to two weeks, so it’s good to have more time to wait for the photos and deliver them to your event organizer for your event needs. 

Once you’ve got the theme and photographer locked down, look for a photoshoot location. Revisit your chosen theme and look for appropriate locations in your area that allows photoshoots (this is important!).

If you’re not able to find a location or you’re planning an indoor shoot, you might need to hire a set designer. They’re the experts in making your vision come to life – from choosing what props to include, lighting to use, and backdrops to go for. 

Once that’s covered, it’s time to work on your wardrobe. You can buy a dress or outfit for your session, or you can rent a gown from a local designer. Having a stylist assist you in choosing the right ensemble for your photoshoot can also be extremely helpful.

Next on the agenda is an HMUA. You can search for HMUA online and check their portfolio and reviews to see which one matches your preference. You can also ask your event organizer or photographer for HMUA recommendations. 

As part of our Cimmaroon Experience, we’ll handle all these for you – HMUA, stylist, concept ideation, the whole nine yards. At no additional cost!

We’ll only need your ideas and preferences, and we’ll handle the nitty-gritty of your debut coverage.

4. Time to search for a debut photographer (and videographer)

A simple search of “event photographer in Pampanga” on Google will already give you plenty of options for photography services. 

Once you’ve got a list of photographers for your debut, you can start looking for their previous projects. Usually, event photographers have a gallery page filled with photos and videos of their past debut events. See which one resonates with the style and shots you prefer for your debut. 

5. Review their packages

When shopping around for debut coverage packages, it’s not about which is cheaper but more about which provides the most value for your money. You can list different packages that caught your interest and compare them to see which fits your budget and preferences.

For the most affordable and premium events coverage for your debut celebration, check out On the Scene by Cimmaroon Photography. Visit our portfolio page or contact us on our Facebook page for inquiries.