Meet Cimmaroon Photography’s Official Ambassadors!

When we said we hit some major milestones last year, we hit the really major ones!

We moved to a new home, collaborated with other talented photographers and artists, and ventured into different photography styles.

But perhaps one of the biggest milestones that made our 2022 so special was having not one but two ambassadors for Cimmaroon Photography.

We’re delighted to officially introduce Baby Fort Cyruz Yalong and Baby Arabella Rae Benco, our two lovely brand ambassadors!

Meet baby Fort Cyruz

Baby Fort Cyruz is the third youngest son of Fortun Yalong (a.k.a. FCY Channel) and Christine Yalong.

Both his amazing parents are local content creators in Pampanga, known for their funny, upbeat, and sometimes crazy vlogs.

We first met mommy Christine and daddy Fortun last July 2022, when mommy Christine and her sister Charish had their maternity shoot at Cimmaroon Studios.

It was probably one of the most memorable maternity shoots we had – just laughing and enjoying their silly antics throughout the shoot.

Daddy Fortun even had his own paternity shoot that day!

We had so much fun photographing them that we were excited when they returned to our studio by August. Now with the newest member of the gang in tow!

As always, it wouldn’t be an FCY channel kind of shoot without bayaw Fortun and his humor shining through the shoot.

With official contracts signed last October, we’re proud to announce our brand partnership with FCY Channel and family!

Can’t wait to have more fun photoshoots with this little guy and his family!

Catch up with the latest from FCY Channel and his family on their social media pages!

Facebook: FCY Channel and Christine Yalong

Instagram: @fcychannel

YouTube: FCY Channel

Baby Arabella Rae: The little millennial Filipina

Baby Arabella Rae Bengco is the first child of local content creator Xhiia Cardinio – Bengco, a.k.a. The Millennial Filipina, and her husband, Gerard Bengco.

The Millennial Filipina is a Kapampangan blogger whose content revolves range from slice-of-life vlogs, the best online shopping finds, educational content, beauty tips, and travel content.

We first crossed paths with Xhiia and Gerard when they booked a couple’s photo shoot with us during our 2022 Valentine’s Day promo.

It turned out that the couple was planning to get married, so they turned their Valentine’s session into an impromptu prenup photoshoot.

We were really thrilled about our photoshoot with The Millennial Filipina and her husband, so you can imagine our excitement when they came back to our studio, now for her maternity session!

She showed how maternity glow is done during her photoshoot. Miss Ma’am, you delivered!

But we don’t think excited could properly describe how we feel when we finally meet the little version of The Millennial Filipina, baby Arabella Rae.

When she became our brand ambassador, we thought, wow, we are so lucky to have her representing us.

If you’re like us and you can’t get enough of this tiny princess and her family, you can follow them on their social media pages below:

Facebook: The Millennial Filipina and Bella – The Little TMF

Instagram: @themillennialfilipina

YouTube: The Millennial Filipina

TikTok: @themillennialfilipina

This 2023, expect to see more of these little cuties at Cimmaroon Photography!